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    Koninklijk Nederlands Instituut voor Onderzoek der Zee; Ocean Sciences (OCS), meer
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  • Peer reviewed article Bernhardt, A.; Schwanghart, W.; Hebbeln, D.; Stuut, J-B W.; Strecker, M.R. (2017). Immediate propagation of deglacial environmental change to deep-marine turbidite systems along the Chile convergent margin. Earth Planet. Sci. Lett. 473: 190-204., meer
  • Peer reviewed article Bertrand, S.; Hughen, K.A.; Lamy, F.; Stuut, J.-B.W.; Torrejón, F.; Lange, C.B. (2012). Precipitation as the main driver of Neoglacial fluctuations of Gualasglacier, Northern Patagonian Icefield. Clim. Past 8(2): 519-534., meer
  • Peer reviewed article Bloemsma, M.R.; Zabel, M.; Stuut, J.B.W.; Tjallingii, R.; Collins, J.A.; Weltje, G.J. (2012). Modelling the joint variability of grain size and chemical composition in sediments. Sediment. Geol. 280: 135-148., meer
  • Peer reviewed article Carreira, C; Piel, T; Staal, M.; Stuut, J.-B; Middelboe, M.; Brussaard, C.P.D. (2015). Microscale spatial distributions of microbes and viruses in intertidal photosynthetic microbial mats. SpringerPlus 4: 239., meer
  • Peer reviewed article De Deckker, P.; Munday, C.I.; Brocks, J.; O'Loingsigh, T.; Allison, G.E.; Hope, J.; Norman, M.; Stuut, J.-B.; Tapper, N.J.; van der Kaars, S. (2014). Characterisation of the major dust storm that traversed over eastern Australia in September 2009; a multidisciplinary approach. Aeolian Research 15: 133-149., meer
  • Peer reviewed article Deplazes, G.; Lückge, A.; Stuut, J.-B.; Pätzold, J.; Kuhlmann, H.; Husson, D.; Fant, M.; Haug, G.H. (2014). Weakening and strengthening of the Indian monsoon during Heinrich events and Dansgaard-Oeschger oscillations. Paleoceanography 29(2): 99-114., meer
  • Peer reviewed article Filipsson, H.L.; Romero, O.E.; Stuut, J.B.W. (2011). Relationships between primary productivity and bottom-water oxygenation off northwest Africa during the last deglaciation. J. Quaternary Sci. 26(4): 448-456., meer
  • Peer reviewed article Friese, C.A.; van der Does, M.; Merkel, U.; Iversen, M.H.; Fischer, G.; Stuut, J-B W. (2016). Environmental factors controlling the seasonal variability in particle sizedistribution of modern Saharan dust deposited off Cape Blanc. Aeolian Research 22: 165–179., meer
  • Peer reviewed article Friese, C.A.; van Hateren, J.A.; Vogt, C.; Fischer, G.; Stuut, J.-B.W. (2017). Seasonal provenance changes in present-day Saharan dust collected in and off Mauritania. Atmos. Chem. Phys. 17: 10163-10193., meer
  • Peer reviewed article Granger, R.; Meadows, M.E.; Hahn, A.; Zabel, M.; Stuut, J-B W.; Herrmann, N.; Schefuß, E. (2018). Late-Holocene dynamics of sea-surface temperature and terrestrial hydrology in southwestern Africa. Holocene 28(5): 695-705., meer
  • Peer reviewed article Guerreiro, C.V.; Baumann, K.-H.; Brummer, G.-J. A.; Fischer, G.; Korte, L.F.; Merkel, U.; Sá, C.; de Stigter, H.; Stuut, J.-B.W. (2017). Coccolithophore fluxes in the open tropical North Atlantic: influence of thermocline depth, Amazon water, and Saharan dust. Biogeosciences 14(20): 4577-4599., meer
  • Peer reviewed article Hamza, W.; Enan, M.R.; Al-Hassini, H.; Stuut, J.B.; de-Beer, D. (2011). Dust storms over the Arabian Gulf: a possible indicator of climate changes consequences. Aquat. ecosyst. health manag. 14(3): 260-268., meer
  • Peer reviewed article Just, J.; Schefuß, E.; Kuhlmann, H.; Stuut, J.B.W.; Pätzold, J. (2014). Climate induced sub-basin source-area shifts of Zambezi River sediments over the past 17 ka. Palaeogeogr. Palaeoclimatol. Palaeoecol. 410: 190-199., meer
  • Knippertz, P.; Stuut, J.-B. (2014). Mineral Dust : A Key Player in the Earth System. Springer: Dordrecht Heidelberg New York London. ISBN 9789401789783. I-XXV; 1-509 pp., meer
  • Knippertz, P.; Stuut, J.-B. (2014). Introduction, in: Knippertz, P. et al. Mineral Dust : A Key Player in the Earth System. pp. 1-14., meer
  • Peer reviewed article Korte, L.F.; Brummer, G.-J. A.; van der Does, M.; Guerreiro, C.V.; Hennekam, R.; van Hateren, J.A.; Jong, D.; Munday, C.I.; Schouten, S.; Stuut, J-B W. (2017). Downward particle fluxes of biogenic matter and Saharan dust across the equatorial North Atlantic. Atmos. Chem. Phys. 17(9): 6023-6040., meer
  • Peer reviewed article Lengger, S.K.; Kraaij, M.; Tjallingii, R.; Baas, M.; Stuut, J.-B.; Hopmans, E.C.; Sinninghe Damsté, J.S.; Schouten, S. (2013). Differential degradation of intact polar and core glycerol dialkyl glycerol tetraether lipids upon post-depositional oxidation. Org. Geochem. 65: 83-93., meer
  • Peer reviewed article McGee, D.; deMenocal, P.B.; Winckler, G.; Stuut, J.B.W.; Bradtmiller, L.I. (2013). The magnitude, timing and abruptness of changes in North African dust deposition over the last 20,000 yr. Earth Planet. Sci. Lett. 371: 163-176., meer
  • Peer reviewed article McKay, C.L.; Filipsson, H.L.; Romero, O.E.; Stuut, J.-B. W.; Bjorck, S. (2016). The interplay between the surface and bottom water environment within the Benguela Upwelling System over the last 70 ka. Paleoceanography 31(2): 266–285., meer
  • Peer reviewed article Meyer, I.; Davies, G.R.; Stuut, J.B.W. (2011). Grain size control on Sr-Nd isotope provenance studies and impact on paleoclimate reconstructions: An example from deep-sea sediments offshore NW Africa. Geochem. Geophys. Geosyst. 12., meer
  • Peer reviewed article Meyer, I.; Davies, G.R.; Vogt, C.; Kuhlmann, H.; Stuut, J.B.W. (2013). Changing rainfall patterns in NW Africa since the Younger Dryas. Aeolian Research 10: 111-123., meer
  • Peer reviewed article Mohtadi, M.; Oppo, D.W.; Steinke, S.; Stuut, J.B.W.; De Pol-Holz, R.; Hebbeln, D.; Lückge, A.; Stuut, J.B.W.; De-Pol-Holz, R. (2011). Glacial to Holocene swings of the Australian-Indonesian monsoon. Nature Geoscience 4(8): 540-544., meer
  • Peer reviewed article Saukel, C.; Lamy, F.; Stuut, J.B.W.; Tiedemann, R.; Vogt, C. (2011). Distribution and provenance of wind-blown SE Pacific surface sediments. Mar. Geol. 280(1-4): 130-142., meer
  • Peer reviewed article Schreuder, L.T.; Stuut, J.-B. W.; Korte, L.F.; Sinninghe Damsté, J.S.; Schouten, S. (2018). Aeolian transport and deposition of plant wax n-alkanes across the tropical North Atlantic Ocean. Org. Geochem. 115: 113-123., meer
  • Peer reviewed article Schreuder, L.T.; Hopmans, E.C.; Stuut, J.-B.W.; Sinninghe Damsté, J.S.; Schouten, S. (2018). Transport and deposition of the fire biomarker levoglucosan across the tropical North Atlantic Ocean. Geochim. Cosmochim. Acta 227: 171-185., meer
  • Peer reviewed article Skonieczny, C.; Bory, A.; Bout-Roumazeilles, V.; Abouchami, W.; Galer, S.J.G.; Crosta, X.; Stuut, J.B.; Meyer, I.; Chiapello, I.; Podvin, T.; Chatenet, B.; Diallo, A.; Ndiaye, T. (2011). The 7-13 March 2006 major Saharan outbreak: Multiproxy characterization of mineral dust deposited on the West African margin. J. Geophys. Res. 116., meer
  • Peer reviewed article Snik, F.; Rietjens, J.H.H.; Apituley, A.; Volten, H.; Mijling, B.; Di Noia, A.; Heikamp, S.; Heinsbroek, R.C.; Hasekamp, O.P.; Smit. , J.M.; Vonk, J.; Stam, D.M.; van Harten, G.; de Boer, J.; Keller, C.U.; iSPEX citizen scientists; Stuut, J.B.W.; Wernand, M.R.; Philippart, C.J.M. (2014). Mapping atmospheric aerosols with a citizen science network of smartphone spectropolarimeters. Geophys. Res. Lett. 41(20): 7351–7358., meer
  • Stuut, J.-B. (2014). Subaquatic Dust Deposits, in: Knippertz, P. et al. Mineral Dust : A Key Player in the Earth System. pp. 443-462., meer
  • Peer reviewed article Stuut, J.-B.W.; Temmesfeld, F.; De Deckker, P. (2014). A 550 ka record of aeolian activity near North West Cape, Australia: inferences from grain-size distributions and bulk chemistry of SE Indian Ocean deep-sea sediments. Quat. Sci. Rev. 83: 83-94., meer
  • Peer reviewed article Thierens, M.; Pirlet, H.; Colin, C.; Latruwe, K.; Vanhaecke, F.; Lee, J.R.; Stuut, J.-B.; Titschaeck, J.; Titschack, J.; Huvenne, V.; Dorschel, B.; Wheeler, A.J.; Henriet, J.P. (2012). Ice-rafting from the British-Irish ice sheet since the earliest Pleistocene (2.6 million years ago): implications for long-term mid-latitudinal ice-sheet growth in the North Atlantic region. Quat. Sci. Rev. 44: 229-240., meer
  • Peer reviewed article van der Does, M.; Korte, L.F.; Munday, C.I.; Brummer, G.-J. A.; Stuut, J-B W. (2016). Particle size traces modern Saharan dust transport and deposition across the equatorial North Atlantic. Atmos. Chem. Phys. 16: 13697–13710., meer
  • Peer reviewed article van der Does, M.; Pourmand, A.; Sharifi, A.; Stuut, J.-B.W. (2018). North African mineral dust across the tropical Atlantic Ocean: Insights from dust particle size, radiogenic Sr-Nd-Hf isotopes and rare earth elements (REE). Aeolian Research 33: 106-116., meer
  • Peer reviewed article van der Jagt, H.; Friese, C.; Stuut, J-B W.; Fischer, G.; Iversen, M.H. (2018). The ballasting effect of Saharan dust deposition on aggregate dynamics and carbon export: Aggregation, settling, and scavenging potential of marine snow. Limnol. Oceanogr. 63(3): 1386-1394., meer
  • Peer reviewed article Weldeab, S.; Stuut, J.-B.W.; Schneider, R.R.; Siebel, W. (2013). Holocene climate variability in the winter rainfall zone of South Africa. Clim. Past 9: 2347-2364., meer
  • Peer reviewed article Wu, J.; Liu, Z.; Stuut, J-B W.; Zhao, Y.; Schirone, A.; de Lange, G.J. (2017). North-African paleodrainage discharges to the central Mediterranean during the last 18,000 years: A multiproxy characterization. Quat. Sci. Rev. 163: 95-113., meer

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