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Sanchez Gutierrez, Jorge, persoonlijke homepage

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    Koninklijk Nederlands Instituut voor Onderzoek der Zee; Coastal Sciences (COS), meer
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  • Peer reviewed article Dietz, M.W.; Rogers, K.G.; Gutiérrez, J.S.; Piersma, T. (2015). Body mass and latitude both correlate with primary moult duration in shorebirds. Ibis 157: 147-153., meer
  • Peer reviewed article Gutiérrez, J.S. (2014). Living in Environments with Contrasting Salinities: A Review of Physiological and Behavioural Responses in Waterbirds. Ardeola 61(2): 233-256., meer
  • Peer reviewed article Gutiérrez, J.S.; Soriano-Redondo, A.; Dekinga, A.; Villegas, A.; Masero, J.A.; Piersma, T. (2015). How salinity and temperature combine to affect physiological state and performance in red knots with contrasting non-breeding environments. Oecologia 178(4): 1077-1091., meer
  • Peer reviewed article Gutiérrez, J.S.; Rakhimberdiev, E.; Piersma, T.; Thieltges, D.W. (2017). Migration and parasitism: habitat use, not migration distance, influences helminth species richness in Charadriiform birds. J. Biogeogr. 44(5): 1137-1147., meer
  • Peer reviewed article Masero, J.A.; Abad-Gómez, J.M.; Gutiérrez, J.S.; Santiago-Quesada, F.; Senner, N.R.; Sánchez-Guzmán, J.M.; Piersma, T.; Schroeder, J.; Amat, J.A.; Villegas, A. (2017). Wetland salinity induces sex-dependent carry-over effects on the individual performance of a long-distance migrant. NPG Scientific Reports 7(1): 6867., meer
  • Peer reviewed article Navedo, J.G.; Hahn, S.; Parejo, M.; Abad-Gómez, J.; Gutiérrez, J.S.; Villegas, A.; Sánchez-Guzmán, J.M.; Masero, J.A. (2015). Unravelling trophic subsidies of agroecosystems for biodiversity conservation: Food consumption and nutrient recycling by waterbirds in Mediterranean rice fields. Sci. Total Environ. 511., meer
  • Peer reviewed article Parejo, M.; Navedo, J.G.; Gutiérrez, J.S.; Abad-Gómez, J.; Villegas, A.; Corbacho, C.; Sánchez-Guzmán, J.M.; Masero, J.A. (2015). Geographical origin of dabbling ducks wintering in Iberia: sex differences and implications for pair formation. Ibis 157(3): 536-544., meer
  • Peer reviewed article Senner, N.R.; Verhoeven, M.A.; Abad-Gómez, J.; Gutiérrez, J.S.; Hooijmeijer, J.C.E.W.; Kentie, R.; Masero, J.A.; Tibbitts, T.L; Piersma, T. (2015). When Siberia came to the Netherlands: the response of continental black-tailed godwits to a rare spring weather event. J. Anim. Ecol. 84: 1164-1176., meer

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