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Cozzoli, Francesco, orcid, persoonlijke homepage, researcherid

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    Koninklijk Nederlands Instituut voor Onderzoek der Zee; Estuarine and Delta Systems (EDS), meer
    Contact op het instituut:
    Tel.: +31-(0)113-57 74 70

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    ( 8 peer reviewed ) opsplitsen
  • Cozzoli, F. (2016). Modelling biota-sediment interactions in estuarine environments. PhD Thesis. Radboud Universiteit: Nijmegen. ISBN 978-94-6295-433-5. 140 + appendices pp., meer
  • Cozzoli, F.; Ysebaert, T.J.; Bouma, T.J.; Herman, P.M.J. (2011). Modelling biota-mud interactions in estuaries, in: Mees, J. et al. (Ed.) VLIZ Young Marine Scientists' Day, Brugge, Belgium 25 February 2011: book of abstracts. pp. 22
  • Peer reviewed article Cozzoli, F.; Bouma, T.J.; Ysebaert, T.; Herman, P.M.J. (2013). Application of non-linear quantile regression to macrozoobenthic species distribution modelling: comparing two contrasting basins. Mar. Ecol. Prog. Ser. 475: 119-133., meer
  • Peer reviewed article Cozzoli, F.; Eelkema, M.; Bouma, T.J.; Ysebaert, T.; Escaravage, V.; Herman, P.M.J. (2014). A Mixed Modeling Approach to Predict the Effect of Environmental Modification on Species Distributions. PLoS One 9(2): e89131., meer
  • Cozzoli, F.; Eelkema, M.; Bouma, T.J.; Ysebaert, T.; Escaravage, V.; Herman, P.M.J. (2014). A mixed modeling approach to predict the effect of environmental modification on species distributions. Monitor Taskforce Publication Series, 2014-04. NIOZ: Yerseke. , meer
  • Peer reviewed article Cozzoli, F.; Smolders, S.; Eelkema, M.; Ysebaert, T.; Escavarage, V.; Temmerman, S.; Meire, P.; Herman, P.; Bouma, T.J. (2017). A modeling approach to assess coastal management effects on benthic habitat quality: a case study on coastal defense and navigability. Est., Coast. and Shelf Sci. 184: 67-82., meer
  • Peer reviewed article Cozzoli, F.; Bouma, T.J.; Ottolander, P.; Lluch, M.S.; Ysebaert, T.; Herman, P.M.J. (2018). The combined influence of body size and density on cohesive sediment resuspension by bioturbators. NPG Scientific Reports 8(1): 3831., meer
  • Peer reviewed article de Lucas Pardo, M.A.; Bakker, M.; van Kessel, T.; Cozzoli, F; Winterwerp, J.C. (2013). Erodibility of soft freshwater sediments in Markermeer: the role of bioturbation by meiobenthic fauna. Ocean Dynamics 63: 1137-1150., meer
  • Peer reviewed article Li, B.; Li, X.; Bouma, T.J.; Soissons, L.M.; Cozzoli, F.; Wang, Q.; Zhou, Z.; Chen, L. (2017). Analysis of macrobenthic assemblages and ecological health of Yellow River Delta, China, using AMBI & M-AMBI assessment method. Mar. Pollut. Bull. 119(2): 23-32., meer
  • Peer reviewed article Li, B.; Cozzoli, F.; Soissons, L.M.; Bouma, T.J.; Chen, L. (2017). Effects of bioturbation on the erodibility of cohesive versus non-cohesive sediments along a current-velocity gradient: A case study on cockles. J. Exp. Mar. Biol. Ecol. 496: 84-90., meer
  • Smolders, S.; Meire, P.; Temmerman, S.; Cozzoli, F.; Ides, S.; Plancke, Y. (2013). 2Dh hydrodynamic model of the Scheldt estuary in 1955 to assess the ecological past of the estuary, in: Kopmann, R. et al. (Ed.) Proceedings of the XXth TELEMAC-MASCARET User Conference, Karlsruhe, Germany, October 16–18, 2013. pp. 137-142
  • Smolders, S.; Cozzoli, F.; Plancke, Y.; Ides, S.; Meire, P.; Temmerman, S. (2013). A 2Dh model of the Scheldt Estuary in 1955: comparing macrobenthos with 2009 [PRESENTATION]. University of Antwerp. Ecosystem Management Research Group (ECOBE)/NIOZ/Flanders Hydraulics Research/Port of Antwerp: Antwerp. 15 slides pp.
  • Peer reviewed article Zhu, Z.; Cozzoli, F.; Chu, N.; Salvador, M.; Ysebaert, T.; Zhang, L.; Herman, P.M.J.; Bouma, T.J. (2016). Interactive effects between physical forces and ecosystem engineers on seed burial: a case study using Spartina anglica. Oikos (Kbh.) 125(1): 98-106., meer

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