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Remote Sensing and Ecosystem Modelling Team (IRScNB/KBIN-REMSEM)

Overkoepelend instituut: Koninklijk Belgisch Instituut voor Natuurwetenschappen; Operationele Directie Natuurlijk Milieu; Beheerseenheid Mathematisch Model Noordzee en Schelde-estuarium (IRScNB/KBIN-BMM)

Thesaurustermen (5) : Research: Applied sciences; Research: Environment; Research: Environment (water); Research: Remote sensing; Research: Water quality
Gulledelle 100
1200 Brussel

Tel.: +32-(0)2-773 21 11
Fax: +32-(0)2-770 69 72
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Type: Wetenschappelijk

Personen (6)  Top | Publicaties | Project | Datasets 
  • Desmit, Xavier
  • Lacroix, Geneviève
  • Nechad, Bouchra
  • Ruddick, Kevin
  • Van der Zande, Dimitry
  • Vanhellemont, Quinten

Voormalig geassocieerde personen (2)
  • Dogliotti, Ana
  • Neukermans, Griet

Publicaties (7)  Top | Personen | Project | Datasets 
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  • Peer reviewed article Gossn, J.I.; Ruddick, K.G.; Dogliotti, A.I. (2019). Atmospheric correction of OLCI imagery over extremely turbid waters based on the Red, NIR and 1016 nm bands and a new baseline residual technique. Remote Sens. 11(3): 220., meer
  • Peer reviewed article Eom, J.; Choi, J.-K.; Won, J.-S.; Ryu, J.-H.; Doxaran, D.; Ruddick, K.; Lee, S. (2017). Spatiotemporal variation in suspended sediment concentrations and related factors of coastal waters based on multispatial satellite data in Gyeonggi Bay, Korea. J. Coast. Res. 33(3): 653-667., meer
  • Vanhellemont, Q. (2017). A near-shore phytoplankton bloom in Belgian waters observed from space, in: Mees, J. et al. (Ed.) Book of abstracts – VLIZ Marine Scientist Day. Brugge, Belgium, 3 March 2017. VLIZ Special Publication, 79: pp. 96, meer
  • Borges, A.V.; Champenois, W.; Gypens, N.; Delille, B.; Harlay, J.; Ruddick, K.; Nechad, B.; Vandenberghe, T.; Strobbe, F.; De Cauwer, K.; Lagring, R. (2016). Methane dynamics in the Belgian coastal zone, a contribution to the BELSPO project "4 decades of Belgian marine monitoring" (4Demon), in: Degraer, S. et al. (Ed.) North Sea Open Science Conference 7-10/11/2016. Abstract Booklet. pp. 45, meer
  • Janssen, T.; Haelters, J.; Ruddick, K. (2016). Detecting small marine mammals in the Belgian part of the North Sea using high resolution satellite imagery, in: Mees, J. et al. (Ed.) Book of abstracts – VLIZ Marine Scientist Day. Brugge, Belgium, 12 February 2016. VLIZ Special Publication, 75: pp. 63, meer
  • Tyberghein, L.; Borges, A.V.; Deneudt, K.; Desmit, X.; De Witte, B.; Gauquie, J.; Goffin, A.; Lagring, R.; Nohe, A.; Sabbe, K.; Strobbe, F.; Van der Zande, D.; De Cauwer, K. (2015). 4 decades of Belgian marine monitoring: uplifting historical data to today's needs – 4DEMON, in: Mees, J. et al. (Ed.) Book of abstracts – VLIZ Young Scientists’ Day. Brugge, Belgium, 20 February 2015. VLIZ Special Publication, 71: pp. 135, meer
  • Desmit, X.; El Serafy, G.Y.; Aguilar, S.G.; Lacroix, G. (2013). Probabilistic estimate of the uncertainty due to physical forcings in phytoplankton models, in: The 45th International Liège Colloquium on Ocean Dynamics. The variability of primary production in the ocean: from the synoptic to the global scale, Liège, Belgium, 13-17 May, 2013: Abstracts. pp. [1], meer

Project  Top | Personen | Publicaties | Datasets 
  • 4DEMON: 4 Decades of Belgian Marine monitoring: uplifting historical data to today's needs

Datasets (2)  Top | Personen | Publicaties | Project 
  • MONIT_RAD: Radiologisch toezicht op het Belgisch Continentaal Plat
  • Time series for Remote Sensing data for the Belgian part of the North Sea and adjacent areas

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