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Overkoepelend instituut: Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB)

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  • Van den Bossche, Koen

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  • Peer reviewed article Franckx, E.; Boone, L. (2012). New developments in the Arctic: Protecting the marine environment from increased shipping, in: Nordquist, M.H. et al. (Ed.) The Law of the Sea Convention: US Accession and Globalization. Center for Oceans Law and Policy, 15: pp. 178-205., meer
  • Peer reviewed article Franckx, E.; Benatar, M.; Scotcher, N.; Van den Bossche, K. (2011). The naming of maritime features viewed from an international law perspective. COLR 11(1): 41-69, meer
  • Peer reviewed article Lutchman, I.; Van den Bossche, K.; Zino, F. (2008). Implementation of the CFP: an evaluation of progress made since 2002. JNCC Report, 428. IEEP: London. 105 pp., meer
  • Franckx, E.; Van den Bossche, K. (2013). Regional issues and ocean law: the African region, in: Scheiber, H.N. et al. (Ed.) Regions, institutions, and law of the sea. Studies in ocean governance. pp. 411-436., meer
  • Franckx, E.; Van den Bossche, K. (2010). The role of the European Union in regional fisheries organizations, in: Russell, D.A. et al. (Ed.) Recasting transboundary fisheries management arrangements in light of sustainability principles. pp. 419-448., meer
  • Van den Bossche, K. (2010). Access to resources under the European fisheries policy: an interplay between traditional and modern International Law of the Sea, in: Franckx, E. et al. (Ed.) The exercise of jurisdiction over vessels: new developments in the fields of pollution, fisheries, crimes at sea and trafficking of weapons of mass destruction. pp. 111-135, meer
  • Franckx, E.; Van den Bossche, K.; VanderZwaag, D.L. (2009). Canada, the European Union and regional fisheries management in the North Atlantic: conflict, cooperation and challenges, in: Koivurova, T. et al. (Ed.) Understanding and strengthening European Union-Canada relations in Law of the Sea and Ocean Governance. Juridica Lapponica, 35: pp. 265-344, meer
  • Lutchman, I.; Grieve, C.; des Clers, S.; De Santo, E.M.; Van den Bossche, K.; McCoy, C. (2009). Towards a reform of the Common Fisheries Policy in 2012: A CFP health check. IEEP: London. 63 pp., meer
  • Lutchman, I.; des Clers, S.; Van den Bossche, K. (2009). Overcapacity - what overcapacity? An evaluation of Member States reporting on efforts to achieve a sustainable balance between capacity and fishing opportunities in 2007. IEEP: London. 38 pp., meer
  • Van den Bossche, K. (2009). Update on CFP reform. The control regime: a new approach. El Anzuelo 21: 4, meer
  • Van den Bossche, K.; van der Burgt, N. (2009). Fisheries partnership agreements under the European Common Fisheries policy: an external dimension of sustainable development? Stud. Dipl. LXII(4): 103-125, meer
  • Pauwels, A.; Van den Bossche, K. (2007). Marine protected areas in international and European law, in: Franckx, E. (Ed.) Contemporary regulation of marine living resources and pollution: essays written by and in honour of the International Francqui Chairholder Professor Dermott Devine. pp. 129-145, meer
  • Van den Bossche, K. (2007). 'Illegale, onaangegeven en ongereguleerde visserij': een internationale en Europese uitdaging. Wereldbeeld (Bruss.) 31(141): 40-43, meer
  • Van den Bossche, K. (2005). EU enlargements and fisheries: A legal analysis. Steps towards the re-nationalisation of EC Maritime Waters. Jurisprudencija (Spausd.) 72(64): 124-136, meer

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