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Dredging, Environmental & Marine Engineering NV (DEME)

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Thesaurustermen (8) : Baggerwerk; Land ontginning; Landfill; Milieuvervuiling; Offshore windmolenparken; Pipeline construction; Slibbehandeling; Soil pollution
Haven 1025 - Scheldedijk 30
2070 Zwijndrecht

Tel.: +32-(0)3-250 52 11
Fax: +32-(0)3-250 56 50
Type: Commercieel

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  • Audenaert, Sarah
  • Hubrechts, Jorgen
  • Huygens, Marc
  • Sterckx, Tomas
  • Stordiau, M.
  • Van Goethem, Delphine

Geassocieerd aan een deelinstituut (16)
  • Aelvoet, Rudy
  • Bernard, Alain
  • Carpentier, Roos
  • De Jonghe, Erwin
  • De Kroon, Raymond
  • D'Haene, Siegfried
  • Hoef, Francis
  • Loosveldt, Nicolas 2
  • Nonneman, Hendrik
  • Ockier, Martin
  • Paridaens, Kobe
  • Vandycke, Stefaan
  • Vanneste, Geert
  • Vannieuwenhuyse, Kenneth 2
  • Verboomen, Bart
  • Vergote, Thomas

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  • Dredging, Environmental & Marine Engineering NV; D.E.M.E. Blue Energy (DEME-DBE)
  • Dredging, Environmental & Marine Engineering N.V.; DEC N.V. (DEME-DEC)
  • Dredging, Environmental & Marine Engineering NV; Dredging International NV (DEME-DI)
  • Dredging, Environmental & Marine Engineering N.V.; Baggerwerken Decloedt & Zoon N.V. (DEME)
  • Dredging, Environmental & Marine Engineering NV; GeoSea nv (DEME)

DEME Group is a leader in research and development. Our in-house engineering department has significantly contributed to major breakthroughs in its core business: dredging and land reclamation. Over the years, DEME Group has developed innovative technology for environmental dredging, treating and cleaning contaminated sludge and polluted soil, construction of landfills for industrial and domestic waste. As these activities became more important, DEME-Group merged them in a separate company that works domestic and foreign markets: DEME Environmental Contractors (DEC).

DEME Group is working on the five continents, operating through a network of branch offices, subsidiaries and agencies from Mexico and Nigeria to Australia, from Caracas over Rome to Shanghai. Activities are well spread over the globe, balancing risks in one area with opportunities in another one.

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  • Peer reviewed article Van Doorslaer, K.; Romano, A.; De Rouck, J.; Kortenhaus, A. (2017). Impacts on a storm wall caused by non-breaking waves overtopping a smooth dike slope. Coast. Eng. 120: 93-111., meer
  • Peer reviewed article Thomsen, F.; Borsani, F.; Clarke, D.; De Jong, C.; de Wit, P.; Goethals, F.; Holtkamp, M.; San Martin, E.; Spadaro, P.; van Raalte, G.; Victor, G.Y.V.; Jensen, A. (2016). WODA technical guidance on underwater sound from dredging, in: Popper, A.N. et al. (Ed.) The effects of noise on aquatic life II. Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology, 875: pp. 1161-1166., meer
  • Van Esbroeck, M.; Dockx, J.; Van de Velde, K.; Pensaert, S.; Pynaert, K.; Horckmans, L. (2013). The AMORAS project: dewatering and reuse of the Antwerp Port sediments, in: CEDA 20th World Dredging Congress and Exhibition 2013 (WODCON XX). The Art of Dredging. Brussels, Belgium, 3-7 June 2013. pp. 602-612, meer
  • Willems, K.; Sánchez-Arcilla, A.; Aguar, J.G.; De Rouck, J.; Troch, P.; Bolaños, R. (2007). Extreme waves revisited, in: McKee Smith, J. (Ed.) Coastal Engineering 2006: Proceedings of the 30th International Conference, San Diego, California, USA, 3-8 September 2006. Vol. 1. pp. 802-811., meer
  • Willems, K.; Sánchez-Arcilla, A.; Aguar, J.G.; De Rouck, J.; Troch, P.; Bolaños, R. (2006). Extreme waves revisited, in: Coastal Engineering Foundation 30th International Conference on Coastal Engineering, 2-8 September 2006, San Diego, California, USA: book of abstracts. pp. 23, meer

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  • Economisch belang en concurrerend vermogen van de Belgische bagger-sector

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