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Laboratoire de Cancérologie et Toxicologie Expérimentale (ULB-LCTE)

Overkoepelend instituut: Université Libre de Bruxelles; Institut de Pharmacie (ULB)

Campus de la Plaine
ULB CP205/01, boulevard du Triomphe
1050 Bruxelles
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Type: Wetenschappelijk

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  • Kiss, Robert
  • Mathieu, Véronique

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  • Peer reviewed article Carbone, M.; Ciavatta, M.L.; Mathieu, V.; Ingels, A.; Kiss, R.; Pascale, P.; Mono, E.; Ungur, N.; Guo, Y.-W.; Gavagnin, M. (2017). Marine terpenoid diacylguanidines: structure, synthesis, and biological evaluation of naturally occurring actinofide and synthetic analogues. J. Nat. Prod. 80(5): 1339-1346., meer
  • Peer reviewed article Ciavatta, M.L.; Lefranc, F.; Carbone, M.; Mollo, E.; Gavagnin, M.; Betancourt, T.; Dasari, R.; Kornienko, A.; Kiss, R. (2017). Marine mollusk-derived agents with antiproliferative activity as promising anticancer agents to overcome chemotherapy resistance. Medicinal Research Reviews 37(4): 702-801., meer
  • Peer reviewed article Ciavatta, M.; Devi, P.; Carbone, M.; Mathieu, V.; Kiss, R.; Casapullo, A.; Gavagnin, M. (2016). Kahalalide F analogues from the mucous secretion of Indian sacoglossan mollusc Elysia ornata. Tetrahedron 72(5): 625-631., meer
  • Peer reviewed article Gomes, N.G.M.; Dasari, R.; Chandra, S.; Kiss, R.; Kornienko, A. (2016). Marine invertebrate metabolites with anticancer activities: solutions to the "supply problem". Mar. Drugs 14(5): 98., meer
  • Peer reviewed article Romdhane, Y.B.; Elbour, M.; Carbone, M.; Ciavatta, M.L.; Gavagnin, M.; Mathieu, V.; Lefranc, F.; Ktari, L.; Ben Mustapha, K.; Boudabous, A.; Kiss, R.; Mollo, E. (2016). In vitro growth inhibitory activities of natural products from irciniid sponges against cancer cells: a comparative study. Biomed. Res. Int. 2016: 6 pp., meer
  • Peer reviewed article Evidente, A.; Kornienko, A.; Lefranc, F.; Cimmino, A.; Dasari, R.; Evidente, M.; Mathieu, V.; Kiss, R. (2015). Sesterterpenoids with anticancer activity. Curr. Med. Chem. 22(30): 3502-3522., meer
  • Peer reviewed article Gomes, N.; Lefranc, F.; Kijjoa, A.; Kiss, R. (2015). Can some marine-derived fungal metabolites become actual anticancer agents? Mar. Drugs 13(6): 3950-3991., meer
  • Peer reviewed article Lavrard, H; Salvetti, B; Mathieu, V.; Rodriguez, F; Kiss, R.; Delfourne, E (2015). Synthesis and in vitro antiproliferative activity of amido and amino analogues of the marine alkaloid isogranulatimide. ChemMedChem 10(4): 607-609., meer
  • Peer reviewed article Smyrniotopoulos, V.; Kiss, R.; Mathieu, V.; Vagias, C.; Roussis, V. (2015). Diterpenes with unprecedented skeletons from the red alga Sphaerococcus coronopifolius. European Journal of Organic Chemistry 2015(13): 2848-2853., meer
  • Peer reviewed article Evidente, A.; Kornienko, A.; Cimmino, A.; Andolfi, A.; Lefranc, F.; Mathieu, V.; Kiss, R. (2014). Fungal metabolites with anticancer activity. Nat. Prod. Rep. 31(5): 617-627., meer
  • Peer reviewed article Carbone, M.; Ciavatta, M.L.; Wang, J.R.; Cirillo, I.; Mathieu, V.; Kiss, R.; Mollo, E.; Guo, Y.W.; Gavagnin, M. (2013). Extending the record of bis-gamma-pyrone polypropionates from marine pulmonate mollusks. J. Nat. Prod. 76(11): 2065-2073., meer

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