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Oregon State University

Guin Library
2030 Marine Science Drive
Newport, OR 97365

Tel.: +1-(0)541-867 01 08
Fax: +1-(0)541-687 01 05
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Type: Wetenschappelijk
Niveau: Universiteit

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  • Yochum, Noelle

Geassocieerd aan een deelinstituut (8)
  • Atkinson, Stephen
  • Boehlert, George
  • Davis-Born, Renee
  • Friedlaender, Ari
  • Irvine, J.
  • Noakes, David
  • Walsh, Kuuipo
  • Wright, Dawn

Deelinstituten (8)  Top | Persoon | Publicaties | Evenement | Datasets 
  • Oregon State University; College of Oceanic and Atmospheric Sciences
  • Oregon State University; Department of Fisheries and Wildlife
  • Oregon State University; Department of Geosciences
  • Oregon State University; Department of Microbiology
  • Oregon State University; Hatfield Marine Science Center
  • Oregon State University; Institute for Natural Resources
  • Oregon State University; Libraries
  • Oregon State University; Marine Mammal Institute

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  • Peer reviewed article Kulbicki, M.; Beets, J.; Chabanet, P.; Cure, C.; Darling, E.; Floeter, S.; Galzin, R.; Green, A.; Harmelin-Vivien, M.; Hixon, M.; Letourneur, Y.; Lison de Loma, T.; McClanahan, T.; McIlwain, J.; MouTham, G.; Myers, R.; O'Leary, J. K.; Planes, S.; Vigliola, L.; Wantiez, L. (2012). Distributions of Indo-Pacific lionfishes Pterois spp. in their native ranges: implications for the Atlantic invasion. Mar. Ecol. Prog. Ser. 446: 189-205., meer
  • Peer reviewed article Barbier, E. B.; Hacker, S. D.; Kennedy, C.; Koch, E. W.; Stier, A. C.; Silliman, B. R. (2011). The value of estuarine and coastal ecosystem services. Ecol. Monogr. 81(2): 169-193, meer
  • Black, I. (2018). Establishing interest in and understanding of the marine environment: an educational and cooperative approach utilizing an open source CTD. MSc Thesis. Oregon State University: Oregon. 147 pp., meer
  • Payne, M.C. (2012). Development and use of satellite-derived sea-surface temperature data for the nearshore North Pacific and Arctic oceans: temperature pattern analysis and implications for climate change at ecoregional scale. MSc Thesis. Oregon State University: Corvallis. 82 + appendices pp., meer
  • Strycker, N. (2011). Among penguins: A bird man in Antarctica. Oregon State University: Corvallis. ISBN 978-0-87071-629-4. 205 pp., meer
  • Lord-Castillo, B.K. (2007). Arc Marine as a spatial data infrastructure: a marine data model case study in whale tracking by satellite telemetry. MSc Thesis. Oregon State University: Corvallis. 92 + appendices pp., meer
  • (2001). You ought to tell somebody! Dealing with aquatic invasive species: an overview of this emerging northwest problem, featuring the Chinese mitten crab. Oregon State University: Oregon. 1 video (23 min.) pp., meer
  • Yamada, S. (2001). Global invader: the European green crab. Oregon State University: Corvallis. ISBN 1-881826-24-4. XIII, 123 pp., meer
  • Biennial Report. Oregon State University Sea Grant College Program. Oregon State University: Oregon, meer

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  • Coastal Sediments 2015 'Understanding and working with nature'

Datasets (2)  Top | Persoon | Instituten | Publicaties | Evenement 
  • Flatfish reflex scores based on video clips
  • The skin microbiome (based on 16S) of Antarctic Humpback whales (Megaptera novaeangliae)

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